Hi there! I'm Tish Braga, a career strategist working with professional women who feel like outsiders in the workspace. I help women own their unique backgrounds for career success.

I was born in Brazil and my formative years were spent alternating between my country of origin and the United States. This experience of being here and there, of feeling "both/and" but also "neither/nor" at different points in my development greatly influenced the person I am today.

I spent my twenties as an educator, researcher, and academic, teaching and obtaining a doctorate in Human Development and Psychology at Harvard. I had the chance to work with some of the top researchers in the country studying identity development and immigration.

During my time there I also tapped into my unique strengths by teaching Portuguese to dozens of students over the years, mentoring students from diverse backgrounds, co-editing a Harvard Press volume on Brazilian immigration to the United States, and executing the largest school-based study to date focused on the experience of Brazilian immigrant adolescents. I combined my knowledge, background, and passions into a specific niche.

I spent a chunk of my thirties transitioning to being a public policy wonk, spouse, and parent. I've worked as an education specialist supporting programs that enable diverse learners, especially English learners and persons with disabilities, to have a better chance of succeeding and feeling included in U.S. schools.

I enjoy serving these populations at the big project, big impact level, but where my passion and purpose truly intersect is in supporting women to see what makes them different as a strength and to use that knowledge for career success.

While I have achieved many goals, I've also experienced what it feels like to not truly fit in. I've also spent a lot of time exploring what it means to fit in, and whether it's even the right goal to pursue.

A few more things about me:

- I am a trainer for the Assertive Communication module at Bossed Up Bootcamp!

- In high school I was “elected” co-captain of our lacrosse team, even though I was a horrible athlete and most of my family had no idea what that sport even was. I think the fact people felt comfortable around me, I could inspire them to do better, and I could make them laugh, are the reasons I was chosen; the co-captain, thankfully, was much better at the sports part!

- We speak three languages in my household, and my daughter is learning a fourth at school. She is my little human petri dish example of the amazing adaptability of the human mind!

- November 2015 I had misdiagnosed health issue that landed me in the emergency room. By the time I was treated, I was told 40% of my body’s blood volume had traveled to my stomach and that I would’ve likely died if a few more hours had passed. That was a real wake-up call in terms of understanding that life is short and can be taken away at any moment, and that I have more to contribute to the world than I think I am currently giving...which led to this website and my desire to connect with you.