How Spring Flowers Can Inspire Your Career Goals

It's hard to believe but last week we officially crossed into spring! While it's been chilly outside, I can feel warmer days are just around the corner, foreshadowed by the flowers that are starting to pop up around the neighborhood.

Flowers are not only beautiful to look at but can also serve as a metaphor for an amazing career. Each part of the flower serves a critical function and exemplifies a key component of a satisfying work life:

Tackling Your Mindset for Career Success (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this post, I explored the importance of tackling your mindset for career success, and some of the background and research on the topic. Here (Part 2), I explore strategies and tools, ranging from centuries-old to more recent, that can help you do this more effectively. 

Meditation, Mantras, and Affirmations

In his book 10% Happier, anchor Dan Harris explores the self-help industry and, while skeptical of much of what he encounters, he finds research-backed reasons why mindfulness, our ability to focus on the present and distinguish events from the emotions of how we experience those events, can increase our happiness and health. He explores the Buddhist concept of "the monkey mind", which embodies the constant agitation occurring in our brains and stands in the way of mindfulness. Meditation becomes the main tool to tame the monkey mind.

While meditation is closely linked with Buddhism and other religious practices, it has more recently been explored in a non-religious vein, through self-help programs, exercise, mental health initiatives, and as a powerful instrument in life and career coaching.

Tackling Your Mindset for Career Success (Part 1)

Mental Conditioning in Coaching

In preparing for the exercise of finding your career path, a common theme in coaching is that you have to do the mental conditioning before you actually tackle the specific career search. Note that I am using the term "career search" instead of job search here. Why? Because finding a job can be a much more mechanical task (networking, updating your resume, applying) and, though these are all important components of actually getting a job, it's the career search that requires the hard mental work to make sure you are pursuing the right jobs for you, at the right time, for the right reasons.

Studious Sunday: Books To Learn And Grow

Studious Sunday: Books To Learn And Grow

It's Sunday, often a day of contemplation, relaxation, and anticipation (dread?) of what's to come in the week ahead.

While there is always too much to do/catch up on during the weekend and not enough time, I always try to reserve some "study time" to learn and grow. The to-do lists get even longer during this time of year; gift-giving season is in full swing and we've made it through Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday—you get the gist of it! So how about adding "Studious Sunday" (or Thoughtful Thursday or [insert best day for your schedule]) to the mix? Reserve a pocket of time to read something that expands your knowledge, and give yourself the gift of growth as a way of staying centered and making the most of this season.

Once you've decided you want to read something that will help you grow, the next challenge is picking from the vast fields of literature ready for reaping. To help you out, I am sharing a list of a dozen books 1) written by women 2) in 2015 3) that help me tap into some of my mottos, "Making it Work and Loving the Journey" and "My Difference is My Strength."

Why did I select books from 2015? Because books usually get a lot of press right when they come out, then quickly fade away in the fast cycle of media consumption. Books from 2015 still offer fresh content but they may not be fresh in our minds or may not be featured prominently in a book store or in online searches anymore.

So browse through the list below, see if there are any you haven't read but spark your interest, and take action:

What Almost Dying Taught Me

What Almost Dying Taught Me

A year ago today, I came the closest I've ever been to dying. I had a misdiagnosed health issue that landed me in the emergency room- what had started out as possible irritable bowel syndrome ended up being an ectopic pregnancy. By the time I was treated, the tube had burst. I was told that 40% of my body's blood volume had traveled to my stomach and that I would've likely died if a few more hours had passed.

I alluded to this experience briefly on my About page but I want to take the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into some lessons learned. While on the surface this may not have a lot do do with the concept of The Inclusive Career, I'll hope you will see that many of these lessons also apply to navigating one's life and career as a woman more generally, and I definitely hope you won't have to go through a traumatic experience to arrive at some of these realizations yourself. It is also a way for me to come full circle in launching this blog and moving forward.