Feeling like an outsider sucks. It sucks even more when you've done all the "right" things: Been successful in school, met and exceeded your goals at work, and have a stellar resume. 

Perhaps you've always felt like an outsider, or perhaps you were going along your merry way, thinking effort and smarts would get you to the top, when- WHAM! - reality slapped you in the face. Perhaps one of the scenarios below sounds familiar:

  • You don't feel like you fully fit into your workplace culture- The culture is predominantly not you (male, white, etc.) and you feel like you have to cover up parts of who you are. People make assumptions because you have an accent or because you're a woman; not that in-your-face discrimination stuff but little comments or assignment choices that chip away at your confidence.
  • You were flying high but then you became a mom. When you return to work you feel like you aren't being offered the best work. You're hesitant to say anything, especially because a break neck schedule won't work for you right now. But you still want to grow in your career and know you have more to accomplish.
  • You feel caught in between what you feel you "should" do to honor your parents or your community and what you feel truly honors your passions and gifts.

Now Imagine:

  • Going to work each day feeling like an asset to your company, because your unique perspective is seen as a valuable contribution to your team.
  • Being able to bring your whole, authentic self to work, rather than having to cover up part of who you are.
  • Knowing how to frame what makes you different as a strength, so that you can open doors to the next phase of your career (promotion, career shift, etc.).


Difference = Strength

Unfortunately, we live in a time where the messages in the news can make us feel like our "otherness" is a weakness or that we don't belong. But diversity, intercultural competence, and global engagement are the way of the future; smart companies are finding ways to support and embrace this reality, and owning your "difference" will help you stand out in your career.

My passion and purpose lie in supporting individuals to see what makes them different as a strength and to own that knowledge for career success. I derive such joy from empowering my mentees, coworkers, and friends to own their gifts and be the strong, powerful women that they are,  and I would love to support you in that journey as well!


Inclusive Career Strategy

The Inclusive Career Strategy is based on the belief that finding an inclusive career happens at multiple levels. One person cannot be expected to individually create an inclusive environment; companies and policies need to support this mission. However, we can't sit around being miserable while we wait for the world to change!

I will help you tackle the three "Spheres of Influence" most likely to move you closer to feeling happy with and fulfilled in your career, including specific strategies at each stage:

Sphere 1: You

Embrace your identity. Explore what makes you unique, what are your strengths, and how that does (or would, ideally) play out in your life and career. Includes self-assessments and guided tools.

Sphere 2: Your current job or career

Learn to better articulate your strengths and highlight your identity for success in your current field, including strategies to address challenges.

Sphere 3: Your future job or career

If where you are is not where you want to be. We'll discuss how to navigate the next steps in your career search and how to increase the odds of finding an inclusive career.

We will work together on the first call to create an individualized map for exploring the Spheres of Influence, based on your goals. 

We could be a great match if:

  • You are looking to do something meaningful to you, but you also take a practical approach to what “fits” in your life and how that might influence your choices. This could be exploring a career that allows you to express both your professional purpose and role as a parent, or finding ways to create meaning in your current job while exploring your passions as a hobby or a side business.
  • You are in an industry and feeling like an “outsider” (e.g., a woman in tech or finance) or may be looking to break into an industry where you don’t feel like you are reflected in the general makeup of who “fits” in that job (e.g., an immigrant who is a person of color looking to work at a think tank that is majority white and non-immigrant).
  • You are a working mom trying to find a way to honor all of your identities- as a parent, a businesswoman, a spouse, a daughter, a friend, [insert core identity here].

Your struggles may relate to self-perception or real bias, as well as the challenges of not understanding the language or lingo of a particular work environment. I will help you dig into your challenges and work through strategies to overcome them, including finding ways to turn your outsider status into an asset within your company or when looking for jobs, and (bonus!) increasing your self-confidence along the way.



  • Welcome Packet

Includes Intake Form to start clarifying your goals and specialized assessment to help uncover your strengths.

  • Six 45-min Strategy Sessions

Via Skype or phone. We'll work together to determine the focus and frequency of sessions, based on your needs and goals.

  • Post-Session Resources

Weekly homework with doable steps to help move you toward your goals, and any additional resources related to the topics discussed.

  • Email Support

When you need to touch base between sessions.

Packages start at 6 sessions for $450 with installment plans available. Special pricing is available for initial clients during the launch. Schedule a 20-minute complementary call to learn more!