Diversity is a wonderful goal for a team or company. Studies show that more diversity in the workplace can increase productivity and profits. However, my experience is that most people from different backgrounds don't "feel" diverse- they feel different.

Sometimes, no matter how successful you've been so far, feeling different means feeling like you don't fit in, like you don't know the language or culture of your workplace or industry or, worse, you are excluded from full participation. 

The inclusive career is a career path that lets you manifest your whole self authentically. Whether that means expressing all of your identities and passions in your job, having a primary 9 to 5 as well as a side hustle, or shifting gears along the course of your life, your career should make room for all of the things that make you the only you in the world, and should draw from those qualities to best reflect your unique strengths and contributions to the world.

From the workplace perspective, and drawing from the field of Diversity and Inclusion, an inclusive career means a work culture that supports inclusion, which "puts the concept and practice of diversity into action by creating an environment of involvement, respect, and connection.

It is a place that doesn't make you leave your identities (woman, immigrant, parent, etc.) at the door but, rather, embraces those identities as part of making you a stronger worker and a more interesting person. As an individual, it means finding a work culture that not only values diversity in words but demonstrates inclusion in its actions.

Building on almost two decades of experience in the fields of social psychology and policy work serving persons of diverse backgrounds, the goal of The Inclusive Career is to help individuals navigate those challenges and learn to see what makes them different as a strength, and then tap into that strength for career success.